5.0 Stars


We're more than just a Web Design Agency.

We provide businesses with all the advice and support they need for their IT requirements.

We’re big believers in keeping IT systems as simple as possible for our clients by not over-engineering them. Your technology should be working for you, not the other way around.

With over 10 years of experience supporting clients with their Online Marketing and Managed IT Services, we provide solid advice and implement known working IT strategies for every industry.


We are passionate about technology.

Implementing IT Strategies that make a business operate more effectively is always exciting to us.

With the right strategies, technology can truely make your business run alot smoother by reducing manual labour and paperwork.

We love continuous improvement and always look at better ways technology can be used with automation and integrations between platforms.

As an example, integrating your Online Store or Point of Sale systems with your Accounting Software can save you alot of time spent cross-checking and re-entering data.

One of our first Web Designs was for a friend.

We love learning new technologies and never back down from a challenge.

At the time, we had some general working knowledge of creating a website after designing our own website. So, we decided to make our friend an offer.

“We’ll build you a website that’s fast, modern and we’ll have it done in a month. If you don’t like it – don’t pay us.”

After the website was done we also put some effort into their Search Engine Optimisation.

Honestly, we surprised ourselves with the results.

Years later, their website is still their primary source of lead generation, we’re still looking after their SEO and they have become the most popular in their industry in Melbourne.

After realising our own potential, the rest was history. We very quickly established ourselves as one of the leading Web Design & Online Marketing Agencies in Melbourne.

Alp Aydogdu

Our Director.

Alp has always had a passion for technology from a young age.

It started off with always being the person his family and friends would call to help with all of their technological needs. Whether it was helping them setup their new Plasma TV or helping them with their Windows 95 PC that needed a Disk Cleanup and Defrag.

After college, Alp worked voluntarily for a family friend’s IT business. From there he progressed onto working with some of the largest names in the industry, providing support for well known Enterprise clients.

Alp’s experiences have seen him in various roles such as Onsite and Remote Support, Data & Comms Engineer, Application Integration, Project Management and Business Management.

He prides himself on being honest and having his clients best interests at heart. He’s always had a slogan in mind as his core value, but thought it was too cheesy to use. Well, here it is anyway.

Honest service you can trust!

Alp would rather know you’re happy to let us continue to take care of your IT needs due to our transparency with everything, rather than feeling like you’re at the mercy of your IT guy.