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VPS Hosting for Websites with cPanel & Litespeed Web Server

cPanel VPS Web Hosting for your Website and Business Emails.

Choosing a solid cPanel Web Hosting Provider is just as important as the Web Design.

Your Website and Business Emails need a Fast & Secure Web Hosting server space in the cloud that it is reachable by internet users at all times. We offer VPS cPanel Web Hosting for our clients on a Virtual Private Server.

A Virtual Private Server is not overcrowded like most of the cheaper Shared Web Hosting providers.

Don't sacrifice your Website Speed and Uptime with Shared Web Hosting Services.

Our clients notice a HUGE difference in website speed and uptime when they make the switch to our VPS Hosting service.

Cheap Shared Web Hosting providers are usually based offshore and cram as many websites as they can onto one server.

If a number of websites on a Shared Hosting Server over consumes all of the available resources, the other websites sharing the resources will crash with them too.

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Shared Hosting
VPS Hosting


Shared Hosting
VPS Hosting


Shared Hosting
VPS Hosting
VPS Hosting Unlimited Email Accounts
VPS Hosting Unlimited Email Accounts

Unlimited Email Accounts

VPS Hosting 24x7 Service Monitoring

24x7 Service Monitoring

VPS Hosting Firewall Security

Multilayer Security

VPS Hosting Daily Remote Backups

Daily Remote Backups

Your Hosting Speed and Uptime is crucial for Lead Conversion and Search Engine Rankings.

Search Engines such as Google use a number of algorithms to prioritise your website’s rankings on search result pages.

To ensure you’re at the top of search results, your web hosting load times and uptime needs to be better than your competitors.

Your website’s speed and uptime isn’t only important for Search Engine Rankings. It’s also going to help you with Lead Conversion. The aim for Search Engines is that the websites they prioritise on search results are giving their user’s a better browsing experience.

If your website’s design is responsive and hosting is fast, your users are going to have a better experience on your website. This will generate your business more leads and the added benefit of Search Engines also prioritising your website on search result pages.